Supporting Documentation

NCCCS Distance Learning Report Information

Moodle Assessment Report Part I

End of Term Surveys



Functionality Comparison Matrix Questionnaire

Case Study Supporting Documentation

Blue Ridge Community College

  1. Blue Ridge Moodle Migration Blackboard to Moodle in 6 months Outline (.doc) – Contains complete Moodle migration components.  Also available in Powerpoint
  2. Blue Ridge Courses Converted from Blackboard to Moodle (.doc) –  List of Courses and Time Required for Conversion at Blue Ridge Community College

Guilford Technical Community College

  1. Moving to Moodle – PowerPoint presentation provides a Moodle primer framed in Guilford Tech’s distance learning experiences.
  2. Moodle Presentation to Faculty – PowerPoint presentation provides a basic Moodle/Blackboard comparison and serves is a primary Moodle orientation.
  3. Blackboard to Moodle Conversion -PDF of a Set of spreadsheets contains a timeline for a comprehensive set of migration components in both 10 month and 19 month versions and members of the GTCC Migration Team.
  4. Our LMS– Document contains:
    • An introduction from GTCC’s Distance Learning Director, Amy Brown
    • GTCC’s migration approach, summery of steps, faculty survey results, faculty comments, student comments
    • Support documentation from both the (former) UNC Teaching Learning with Technology Collaborative and the NCCCS Office
    • FAQs
    • Statement from GTCC’s Disability Services

Isothermal Community College

  1. Assessment meeting Isothermal Community College– PowerPoint containing major points related to Moodle migration.
  2. Case Study– Document contains Isothermal Community College’s comprehensive set of responses to the case study survey.

Southeastern Community College

  1. Moodle Migration at Southeastern– Document contains Southeastern’s responses to the case study survey.

Case Study Instrument

Survey Form– Request for responses in outline form that formed the basis for migration responses from Moodle institutions.


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