NCCCS LMS Feasibility Study Now Available

This report is Part Two of the Open Source Collaborative Moodle Assessment Report  by the same assessment team (Randall, Sweetin and Steinbeiser) of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) Learning Technology Systems Department. The research question for this report was, “What is the best LMS solution for the North Carolina Community College System?” The two LMS’s reviewed in this study were Blackboard and Moodle.

The best LMS solution was defined in the study as one in which all LMS components are considered within the total learning infrastructure of NCCCS such that maximum student success is ensured from both an institutional and System perspective. Aspects of these components within the frame work of student success were assessed by the following attributes:
• Interoperability and Flexibility
• Cost effectiveness
• Support and Training
• Ease of use
• Scalability and
• Sustainability

The full report including study methodology, components, conclusions and recommendations are available here : OSC LMS Feasibility Study Full Report or you can review the report’s executive summary here: OSC LMS Report Executive Summary

You can also find links to the Part I of the OSC Moodle Assessment report in the  Reports & Presentations menu.


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What a Moodle Feasibility Study Revealed About The Coming Disruption Wave in On-Line Learning

In anticipation of the full Feasibility Study Report being released next week, the assessment team has determined to make a presentation delivered at the Moodle Moot in Austin TX publicly available. This presentation is a brief summary of the report findings but goes into detail about what the team’s investigation into LMS sustainability revealed about coming disruptive wave in distance learning enrollments in the NCCCS. The full report will have more detailed information about the study with all supporting documents included.

The presentation is available here or in the Reports & Presentations menu on the right.

Moodle Feasibility Study Presentation at Moodle Moot TX, Aug 2010

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The Feasibility Study Report Update

The second part of the open source collaborative Moodle Assessment Report (the LMS Feasibility Study) is almost ready for release. The draft of the report has  been completed and is in internal review. The report is about 120 page (including the attachments) therefore internal review is progressing slowly. The team should be able to release the study in the week of Aug 9th.

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Moodle Assessment Rpt available, Feasibility Study Update

The OSC Moodle Assessment Report is now available in the menu on the right.

Feasibility Study Update:

Per the assessment report recommendations, the NCCCS assessment team is continuing to work on the feasibility study to answer the question: “What is the best CMS solution for the NCCCS?”.

We have completed the LMS Interoperability and Compatibility Survey to all NCCCS community colleges. The assessment team is in the process of analyzing the survey results and we continue to gather data on the total cost of ownership of Moodle vs Blackboard.  Lastly, the assessment team is reviewing the technical requirements of the of the two LMS in regards to hardware, software,  user training and migration efforts.

The Feasibility Study will be released to the public at the end of May 2010.

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NCCCS Report is keynote at Moodle Moot

Dr. Bill Randall of NCCCS will give keynote address at the Moodle Moot Conference in Orlando, FA on 10/29/09.

This  MoodleMoot Conference is concurrent with The Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning 2009. This special MoodleMoot Conference is structured to examine two themes; issues faced by LMS selection committees in higher-ed considering Moodle and the emerging open source textbook movement.

Keynote Presentation: OSC Moodle Report (PDF)

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Blackboard Responds to NCCCS Moodle Report

The follow document is Blackboard Inc. response to the OSC: Moodle Assessment Report published by the North Carolina Community College System. Blackboard has approved the publishing of this document for all readers.

Blackboard’s Response (PDF)  Oct 09

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Moodle Assessment Report

The Open Source Collaborative: Moodle Assessment Report was presented to the State Board of Community Colleges Finance Committee meeting today.  The report is the accumulation of two years of experimentation and evaluation of the Moodle Course Management System.

Executive Summary (PDF)

OSC_Full_Report v1.2 (PDF)
(small format changes from v 1.o)

The Assessment Team would like to thank all of the 10 North Carolina Community Colleges who participated in this report and the University of North Carolina General Administration (UNC-GA) for their collaboration. The team would also like to thank the William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, affiliated with NC State University for their consultation and analysis.

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Reports & Presentations


LMS Feasibility Study Rpt. (OSC Part II)
Executive Summary
Full Report

OSC Moodle Assessment Rpt. (OSC Part I)

Executive Summary

Full Report

Blackboard's Response (PDF) Oct 09

Feasibility Study: Moodle Moot TX, Aug 2010 (PDF)

Moodle Moot :OSC Moodle Report Presentation (PDF)